How To Download A YouTube Video

You can find just about anything on YouTube. For one reason or another, you might have to download some of that content and, luckily for you, there are a range of ways to download a video from YouTube based on what you want to do using it.

How to download a YouTube video for offline playback

The most typical cause someone might want to download a movie from YouTube would be to watch the content when they’re not on the web. Years back, it took sketchy sites and apps to try it, but now it’s built into the YouTube program!

Subscribe to YouTube Premium

To enable offline playback on Android and iOS apps, you’ll have to be a YouTube Premium subscriber. You’re going to receive more than just downloads, too, as YouTube Premium also provides an ad-free experience and unlocks YouTube Music, a streaming service that works with regular music (i.e. Spotify) in addition to movies. You can register to get YouTube Premium here.

Locate videos you want to download

As soon as you’ve obtained a YouTube Premium subscription, downloading movies for offline use is super simple.

Just pay a visit to the video you’d like to download and, under the video player, you’ll notice a button marked”Download”

You can view this below as shown on an iPad.

The process is basically identical on Android smartphones and tablets, and you can also download movie from search results by simply tapping on the three-dot menu.

Youtube Download iPad

The way to download a copy of your own YouTube movie

If you are a YouTube creator, it can be handy to keep copies of your job on hand. However, if something gets deleted by error, it can be a small nightmare! Fortunately, YouTube maintains a copy of every single movie you upload — even if it’s set to personal — that you can easily download.

Simply log into your YouTube account at, locate the video you would like to download, and click on the three-dot menu button alongside it.

From that point, you will notice a button marked”Download.” Simply pressing that can download an MP4 copy of your video, although it is limited to 720p resolution.

The best way to download a publicly available YouTube video
If you intend to talk about a video clip that’s hosted on YouTube, then you should do this by just sending a link to somebody else.

That keeps YouTube happy and keeps creators getting paid. Anything else, such as downloading and redistributing the video yourself, is contrary to YouTube’s Conditions of Service and can surely get you into hot water.

However, if for whatever reason you need to download a copy of a movie directly from YouTube for yourself, there are techniques to do so.
Listed below are a few tools to get the job finished.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the very flexible media programs out there for practically any device, and in addition, it appears to be able to help download content from sources that are online. To do so, you ought to use the desktop app, not the Android or iOS counterparts.

The first step in the approach is to visit the YouTube video you’d love to download and then copy the URL to your clipboard. Next, open VLC and choose Media Menu in the toolbar.

Under that section, find Open Network Stream and then click Play. A text field in the bottom of the window includes a URL which you need to paste in your browser.
Download youtube videos VLC

From there, just download the movie by pressing the download icon. Do note, though, that this method maxes out the resolution at 1080p.

In case you don’t want to download a program simply to receive a video, then there are websites which make the process quick and easy.

VidPaw has been a known tool for this for some time, but has lately started tossing download solutions to”U2Convert.” Regardless of that, the service enables users to just paste a YouTube connection and get download options for MP4, WEBM, and MP3 (audio) formats.

You’ll be stuck at 720p unless you’re willing to pay a couple bucks or stitch the A/V together yourself, but it functions nicely for being a completely free tool.

Firstly, it’s not inundated with advertisements like numerous other online conversion programs are.

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